MSA | Mission and Vision

MSA (established in June 1995) derives its name from the Founder’s initials and its focus on ‘Metaphysical Spacial Attributes’. MSA has focused on the Client, their desires, their focus, their aspirations and draws it strengths from translations of these into built-form.

MSA through its long list of completed projects, has delved into all styles of architecture imparting a contemporary combination of the best of our traditions with modern materials to offer the Clients cost effective, functional, low maintenance and attractive solutions.

At MSA we believe that the built environment has a direct impact on the physical health, mental well being and psyche of the inhabitants thereby impacting their prosperity, productivity and whole life.

A good built environment always creates a good experience with positive impact on the financials, intellect and physiology. We design the complete experience.


  • 1994 batch graduate from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.
  • Green buildings literate, conceptualizer and Urban design expert
  • Member Art forum world and New York Academy of Arts
  • Product Design enthusiast, non-professional photographer

Right after graduation in 1994, Sudhakar started practicing even while training, managing multiple assignments. He has extensive experience in all kinds of projects with special expertise in large scales public projects like railway stations, airports universities, campuses, schools, and hospitals.  He has designed and dealt with some interesting institutions, factories, commercial and mixed land-use projects. He has won many competitions in his few years of consultancy to the leading architectural design firms of Delhi.

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Sudhakar, being the born leader that he is, is a founder of MSA. He remains grounded in his skills and profession, reveling in its creativity. His easy going personality and sense of humor liven up the environment in the studio. His humility and unassuming nature make him extremely affable to his clientele and vendors alike. @MSA, futuristic creativity is his biggest goal and simplistic aesthetic his biggest achievement.

Sudhakar is a gifted visualizer and a conceptualised with an intuitive grasp of variant scales and profiles of a vast palette of projects ranging from the smallest artifact design to multiple acre master planning. He is blessed with a futuristic vision and can conceive the hawk’s eye view of his scheme at the start. He is macro to micro designer with a firm grip on the commercial aspects for his clients.

His potential and interest in the art side of his profession take him across the world as an invited to exhibitions, workshops and trade shows. His many affiliations afford him indulgence in his passion for travel while offering him even broader exposure at the same time. He is basically that old school talented architect who is most comfortable sketching out his designs by hand. His free hand renderings are still his passion.

His artistic bent and potential are further well complemented by an extreme sensitivity to user perceptions and the related sociological markers. Using his superior space integration techniques, he can create anything from grandeur to functionality as the case demands. His style ranges from the abstract geometric to flashes of the post-modernistic. The play of light and shade enhance his designs, artwork, and photography. He is now an avid artist dabbling in a variety of mediums with favorites being abstracts, landscapes, and monochromes using charcoal or pen & ink. experience him at Sudhakarart.com


  • Doctoral Scholar& 1994 graduate from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.
  • Diploma in Vedic Vaastu, Green buildings literate & conversant in relevant softwares .
  • Fellow Indian Institute of Architects(I), Editor Vaastu Samvaad ( IIA-NC newsletter)
  • Member SPA Alumni, Advisor SWI (Security Watch India), Affiliated ICA, SPA, VAKA.
  • Visiting faculty at SPA, & Vastukala Academy, New Delhi, India

Practicing mainstream architectural design since 1994, Manjari has an extensive experience in all kinds of Hotel projects as pure hospitality and mixed-use developments supplementing retail, commercial and club activities.  She especially enjoys residential and interiors projects with a passion for in-depth customization to the Client’s unique demands. She has a keen eye for detailing and constructional aspects of building projects.

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With a long list of successfully completed projects to her credit, spanning all scales from small residences to multi utility complexes spread across the country and overseas, her portfolio covers customised residences, corporate headquarters, multiple installation branding, budget hotels, luxury destinations, data centers and many workshops. Her affinity to traditional language in facades and detailing is almost her trademark.

An academic bent and zest to be in the know spur her to have a fair grasp of most architectural software prevalent in the field. Her exacting standards push the team @ MSA to continually update their skills and produce nothing less than perfect. Her many years of experience with top architectural firms lends a confidence to take on any scale of the project and build it to completion. She brings to MSA the best international practices in detailing and coordination with respect to HVAC, plumbing, landscape, structures, and interiors. She has a firm grip on the building codes applicable, though there may be local variations.

As a pioneer in the field of ‘security through architectural design’ she is the first in the country to practice concepts of CPTED (Crime prevention through environmental design) and counter-terrorism aspects through mainstream architectural design. This is her focus and subject of doctoral research. She has authored a few papers on the same and the list is growing every day. She has participated in many Indian and international conferences imbibing and contextualizing all the knowledge for Indian benefit.

Manjari keeps in touch with the latest developments in her field by her various affiliations within and outside India. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her practical experiences with the next generation of architects. It is equally a learning for her and she thrives in their brightness and curiosity. Her love for her subject and careful patience with the young makes work at MSA a joyous journey.

She finds joy in design, a thrill in finding solutions to the Client’s needs, a satisfaction in translating their aspirations into mortar and concrete. Their satisfaction is her remuneration, their repeated commissions her appraisal and enhancement of their lifestyle is her fortune. @MSA, reputation is her biggest treasure and excellence a never ending strive.